The entirety of my thoughtful ignorance is recorded here.


The end of summer wafts. You can feel it, the ebb and flow of 12 million lives slowing down for the first time in months, exhausted from the excitement, heat and electric of a summer spent chasing dreams and flings. You raise your eyebrows at the oddity of seeing an empty seat on your Friday evening train rides into the east, the teal and cream vinyl cold and lonely without the hot and sticky thighs of the summer weekend rush to give it the same warmth. 


Van Halen's peculiar and particular request to be greeted with bowls of M&M's with the brown ones taken out, is notorious to say the least. I say notorious, as opposed to infamous, because for my entire life, it was this particular example that used to vilify and ridicule the kinds of gaudy, senseless excess enjoyed by celebrities in our time. No class, no empathy - I was told. 

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Some Short-Term Resolutions

  1. I will not watch anything on a screen on weekdays, including The Hunt. I'm sorry, David. It's just too dangerous.
  2. I will finish my book by September end.
  3. I will finish editing photos from the following trips by September end:
    1. Costa Rica
    2. Grand Canyon
    3. Patagonia
  4. I will not flake on anything from now til September end.