Banana Pudding

Today I was walking by on 49th and 6th when I happened to walk by Magnolia Bakery. And it was packed with the most incredible assortment of people - tourists, regulars, old, young, fat, skinny, hipsters and Upper East Siders. And I thought to myself, how is it that it is so hard otherwise to make all these people happy, and yet all it takes is banana pudding? I am guilty myself. I hadn’t been since college, but it took all of a half-second for all the memories to tickle. Banana pudding! How funny this world is.

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I watched one of my favorite movies of my life ‘You’ve Got Mail’ earlier today, and it made me profoundly sad at all the ways of life that are slipping away. From my generation anyway. We’ve forgotten how to write complete sentences, and string them together in long, beautiful letters full of voice and life and person. A real person. Not the charade everyone seems to be trying to live these days. Who does this anymore? And when you realize the answer is ‘nobody’, don’t you think that sad?

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The end of summer wafts. You can feel it, the ebb and flow of 12 million lives slowing down for the first time in months, exhausted from the excitement, heat and electric of a summer spent chasing dreams and flings. You raise your eyebrows at the oddity of seeing an empty seat on your Friday evening train rides into the east, the teal and cream vinyl cold and lonely without the hot and sticky thighs of the summer weekend rush to give it the same warmth.